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In-Service Distributions

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When can a participant receive a distribution from a retirement plan while still working? It depends. A plan may (but is not required to) allow participants to receive in-service distributions. In addition, certain conditions must be satisfied which are set forth under the Internal Revenue Code, regulations and IRS guidance. Are the rules different depending

Mid-Year Changes to Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans

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In January 2016, the IRS issued Notice 2016-16 providing long-awaited guidance on when changes can be made to safe harbor 401(k) plans mid-year. Previous IRS guidance (formal and informal) seemed to indicate there were only limited circumstances under which a safe harbor plan could be amended prior to the first day of the following plan

Fidelity Bond FAQs

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What is a fidelity bond? A fidelity bond is a special type of insurance that protects plan participants from the risk of loss due to acts of fraud or dishonesty by plan officials. Is a fidelity bond required for my plan? Generally, yes. With limited exceptions, all qualified plans (i.e. 401(k) plans, profit sharing plans,

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